Microsoft Virtual Academy, The Free Resource

So, MS has a really nice site with free courses called MS Virtual Academy. Checki it out!

What is MVA?

Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving. Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologists continually learn, with hundreds of courses, in 11 different languages. Our mission is to help developers, knowledgeable IT professionals and advanced students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers. MVA is free of charge, and the entire service is hosted on Windows Azure.

So it has finally happened!

I’ve got my shit together and started this “remember-all-the-good-links-about-suff-page” I’ve been thinking of for a couple of years… quite nifty to have all the memoranda on one site 🙂

So, if there’s someone else than me reading this, Welcome and hope you catch one or two good links.